Our Redmine install died, We all cried!

We have been using redmine for quite a long time and a few months ago attempted to upgrade from 1.3 to 2.something. Unfortunately I (quite typically) borked the installation and since then its been hobbling along after my attempts to fix it left it crippled.

Yesterday it finally gave up the fight and my attempts to resurrect the installation were futile. After a quick funeral (the eulogy was very touching), and wake in a nearby emporium of alcoholic beverages to commiserate our loss, I set about trying to figure out what to do next.


Now while Redmine is a worthy tool and has always managed to do what I needed in the past, recently its just not cut the mustard. I’ve kept toying with the idea of creating our own project management system but as with all in-house projects that we dream up its just never going to happen.

A quick google around our options are to either go for a hosted solution (not possible as we have some very specific requirements regarding our SCM that mean we have to host our own repos for client work) or Redmine (or chilli project).

Yes we looked at a number of other management tools and of them all Redmine is still the closes to what we needed.


So I spin up a new server instance of ubuntu 12.10 on the cloud and get to work installing the latest version.

As root I then run through these steps (you should assume that ALL of these steps require you to be root and files should be owned by root)

That should be enough for you to have a working installation of redmine ready for you to use/customise

Additional Config

We typically have additional steps that we would configure for our own installation.

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